There are many elements that can make of your wedding celebration an unforgettable one. One of them is the wedding invitations because they deliver a taste of your wedding day to your guests. The most convenient thing to do is to plan ahead what type of invitation you want (we advise at least 8 months) and what colours, theme and materials you want for them, so that they match your whole wedding.


Lines and polka dots have been replaced by floral prints or natural designs. There are so many floral prints available to choose from, that we are sure there is one made for your very own taste.


For the animal lovers there are plenty of designs inspired by birds, dogs and even safari creatures as lions, giraffes or zebras. This theme can be linked with the wedding theme or even be inspired by your honey moon trip.

Pastel colours:

Wedding invitations are not white any longer, now they are full of colour; there are so many options such as pastel and dusty colours. The most popular ones are the pinks, the green and the blues. The best thing about pastels is that they complement each other and deliver a sensation of elegance and armony.

Bright colours:

Along the years, all bright colours have been considered forbidden for a wedding invitation, but the trend has been evolving and we have finally started to find bright colours on invitations, especially for celebrations that take place during the warmest periods of the year. Bright colours deliver vitalily and happines.


The representation of an especial moment or memorable place for the couple, or maybe a cartoon of both on the cover of the wedding invitation are some ideas that add more character to the wedding invitation. The use of watercolour illustrations is a top trend for this year.

Classic fonts:

Modern fonts have been now replaced by the classic fonts that became trendy again; especially these that are considered classic. The english type of fonts are the most popular choice along with calligraphy.


All materials used on your wedding invitations must be linked somehow to your wedding theme. You can use a variety of recycled paper, see through paper or even be bold and use  methacrylate.